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 ENTRACK EDI software for IBM Power system (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i) and Windows operating systems.



AS/400 - iSeries400 - i5 and Windows

  • TCP/IP Communications with an automated process to transmit EDI data over the Internet directly from the AS/400.  Data can also be sent to  VANS and Private FTP Servers.  
  • Works with encryption when sending EDI data over the Internet, using PGP, AS2, SSH (secure Shell) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption . Note: V5R2 of OS/400 is required for SSL. V5R3 is required for SSH.
  • EDIINT AS2  Application Statement 2. Secure, Automated eTransfer of EDI over the Internet using HTTP and Digital Certificates.
  • Import and Export EDI data from other sources.
  • FTP and Bisynchronous Communicationsusing 3780 emulation. These protocol is used to transmit EDI data to traditional VANS and private networks.

FTP Servers, VANS, and Private Networks 

  • ENTRACK can communicate with any FTP server or with with any EDIINT AS2 software.
  • Preconfigured with many Value Added Networks (VANS).